Hypertension Core Lab

Hypertension  affects  a substantial part of the world’s population. Treatment options include lifestyle changes and drug-based therapies. Device-based therapies for hypertension are under development and used within the context of clinical studies and randomized controlled and sham-controlled trials.
Research on device-based therapies for hypertension typically use ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) as primary endpoint. Key imaging modalities include Echocardiography, MRI and renal CTA.

dabl & Cardialysis partnership - download brochure

dabl and Cardialysis have entered a partnership to combine specialized ABPM services with imaging and electrophysiological Core Lab techniques required in this field.
ABPM used within the context of clinical research requires consistent use of qualified equipment and validated processes. This involves complex centralizes systems, global logistics service and high-quality standards, as well as consistent analysis of high-quality data.

dabl Capabilities

  • Most advanced system available for multi-site studies.
  • Potential to achieve 100% evaluable blood pressure data in real-time.
  • Configurable to study protocols, mitigating the risk of human and technical error.
  • The dabl system uniquely connects to a range of validated ABPM Devices
  • For management, detailed metrics on Study performance at all levels in real-time.
  • Standard range of statistics automatically calculated by the system.  

Cardialysis Capabilities

  • As a full-service ARO-CRO provider, Cardialysis has extensive experience with trial services, including Project Management, Protocol Design and Safety Reporting.
  • Cardiovascular imaging Core Laboratories including Echo, CT, MRI, and ECG, supervised by experts from the Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam.
  • Quality guaranteed: variability testing, ongoing training, validated techniques.
  • Compliance guaranteed: ISO 14155:2020, ISO 27001, GCLP – WHO, FDA 21 CFRp11.