Vulnerable Patient Meeting (VPM)

The VPM is an annual event hosted by Cardialysis over the last decade. Participation is by invitation only and includes a selected faculty of opinion leaders, regulators, industry experts and decision makers.

The VPM is a meeting of about 75 to 100 attendees, dedicated to discussion among experts. The small nature of the meeting is essential for the exchange of ideas and to formulation of thoughts on future areas of research. It is prominantly a scientific meeting where discussions extend to social and political ramifications as well.

VPM Steering Committee


Prof. Wolfgang Koenig-Heart Centre Munich, Germany

Prof. Amir Lerman, Mayo Clinic, USA

Dr. Ramzi Khamis, Imperial College, London, UK

Dr. Yoshi Onuma, Cardialysis, The Netherlands

Dr. Ranil de Silva, Imperial College London, UK

Dr. Christos Bourantas, Imperial College London, UK

Dr. Jolanda Wentzel, Erasmus MC, The netherelands

Dr. Akiko Maehara, Colombia University Medical Center, USA

Ana Guimaraes, PhD, Cardialysis, The Netherlands


VPM Senior Consultants

Prof. Patrick W. Serruys - Imperial College London, UK
Prof. Gregg W. Stone - Columbia University Medical Center, USA
Prof. Ton van der Steen - Erasmus MC, The Netherlands
Dr. James Muller - Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT), USA

Key medical objectives

  1. To give an overview of the basic mechanisms of atherosclerosis
  2. To provide a state-of-the-art overview on the clinical use of the available non-invasive and invasive imaging modalities for the assessment of atherosclerosis
  3. To review the current and novel treatment options (pharmacological and local therapy) for atherosclerosis

Specific objectives

  1. To understand the pathophysiological pathways involved in atherosclerosis: immunological, inflammatory, proteomics, lipidomics and genomics
  2. To understand the hemodynamic conditions that would lead to a plaque rupture
  3. To review the blood components involved in the thrombosis of the coronary plaque rupture
  4. To review the imaging surrogate endpoints of the coronary plaques
  5. To provide a state-of-the-art overview of the new pharmacological compounds
  6. To review the therapeutical options for local treatment

Date VPM 2019

23 - 25 June, 2019 


Stresa, Italy

Target audience

A selected group of international scientists, cardiology experts in invasive and non-invasive imaging and industry involved in atherosclerosis programs. This is a closed meeting and attendance is by invitation only.



Program VPM 2019


Previous editions

 VPM 2018

Program VPM 2018

VPM 2017
Guest Director: Prof. Panos E. Vardas - Department of Cardiology, University of Crete, Greece
Program VPM 2017

VPM 2016
Guest Director: Prof. Bernard Gersh - Mayo Clinic, USA
Program VPM 2016
Report Day 1
Report Day 2
Report Day 3

VPM 2015
Guest Director: Prof. Valentin Fuster - CNIC, Madrid & Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC
Program VPM 2015

VPM 2014
Guest Director: Prof. Dorian Haskard - Imperial College London
Program VPM 2014 

The program is supported by companies with products that might be helpful for the detection and treatment of vulnerable coronary plaques and patients. Cardialysis is involved in the VPM organization since its inception.

While the precise outcome of the meeting is not predictable, the VPM meeting will increase the current understanding of the vulnerable patient/plaque and identify new targets for future research

General information

Since its inception in 2002, the VPM has been organized by Cardialysis. The VPM is a non-profit meeting which has been generously supported by educational grants from the pharmaceutical and device industries to Cardialysis. The VPM Conference is compliant with the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice.

Executive Committee

Ana Guimarães, PhD
Head Clinical trial design and business development                                        
+31(0)6 54 69 79 44                                           
Claudia Sprenger de Rover
Assistant to Medical Affairs     
+31 (0)10 206 2817