Academic Research Consortium

The Academic Research Consortium (ARC) is an international collaborative forum across medical device stakeholders that includes academics, clinical trialists, regulatory bodies and industry.

The purpose of the ARC is to create a dynamic, transparent and collaborative forum for stakeholders to develop consensus definitions and standard nomenclature in pivotal clinical trials of medical devices and to disseminate such definitions and recommended processes into the public domain.

In April 2023, the ARC Website was launched, as a dissemination tool for the established ARC definitions and trial design recommendations. It presents each of the initiatives and points towards the accomplished peer-reviewed publications. When validation studies or relevant references to the specific set of definitions are available, these are also presented within the relevant topic.

In addition, it offers educational and operational resources to promote the use of standards in clinical research. These resources include training materials, adjudication forms, and more information on prior ARC events. This website collects the input of experts in the field as it relates to use and implementation of definitions, which are summarized in practical reviews. In the spirit of ARC, this website is a collaborative effort and an ongoing project, in which voluntary contributions are captured progressively. The ARC website is maintained and updated by Cardialysis, a founding ARC organization, in close collaboration with the ARC board.

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